June – October 2016

17 October 2016

Big girl, stooped, knock-kneed.
Peach sweater, flower leggings.
What do I know now?

7 October 2016

Crow diplomats bow
On leaf-strewn lawns while up high
Black wings blitz storm front.

28 September 2016

Jackdaw necklaces
Adorn roads – fineries of
A country autumn.

28 September 2016

Day is turning, ink
From her worried mind seeping
Into darkling clouds.

28 September 2016

Embarrassed blushes
Spread over the sycamores.
Now what has fall done!

27 September 2016

Radiant road ahead
Beckons me home. Illusion
Of the sinking Sun.

27 September 2016

A gift from the Sun
Warms my skin, though leaves rustle
To an autumn air.

22 September 2016

Picking blackberries
By the staff car park. No eyes
For the lunch hour race.

14 September 2016

Bus stop, evening time.
Drone army hunched over screens.
Two rebels natter.

5 September 2016

Copper beeches wave
At school-goers, a smile of
Sunlight on their leaves.


We have reached Mars and
Mended broken hearts. But fox
Still lurks in the woods.

19 July 2016

The trees toss pigeons
Across the park like feathered
Missiles. Stormy thoughts.