November – December 2015

10 December 2015

Vapour streamers dance
Under domed sky, cheer waste bin
With “No hate” sticker.

9 December 2015

Days pass, nights pass, none
Take root. Time runs off windows.
Rain-black trees abide.

30 November 2015

Little mermaid drifts
By, dragging Doc Martens, blue
Hair awash with rain.

25 November 2015

Moon disc, scudding clouds
Rigged on branch trellis. Deep gloom.
Winter’s stage is set.

25 November 2015

Sugarcoated girl
Pulls up in branded Mini.
Hard face sour, wings clipped.

12 November 2015

Day moans in doorways.
Rooks mock autumn’s spectre,
Swoop on its ragged tails.

9 November 2015

Baby Bear’s porridge
Cannot placate Goldilocks.
Foul day. Rain pounds house.

5 November 2015

Bell tolls a passing.
Wan morning weeps floods of rain.
Limes shake balding crowns.

4 November 2015

Year has gone to seed.
Modest proposal: Let’s sell
Remainder for sun.


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