October 2015

29 Oct 2015

Bareboned pines beckon.
One two-pronged. Steel tags strung low
Mark pipe burial.

24 October 2015

Pious feet tread on
Pure gold leaf this morning, brisk
Steps never once slow.

23 October 2015

Roadside alms bowls of
Winter heliotrope want
Some more dew, please, sir!

21 October 2015
In Your Dreams

As I look in, you
Sit up, pond-eyed, talk to a
Dream-born me, sink back.

At night, like this, we
Are what we want to be: A
Mother, a daughter.

21 October 2015

Lunch. Reading poems
Until window-sill rant of
Blackbird brings solace.

21 October 2015

Used clothes collection
In school. They want no rags, and
We may keep our bones.

20 October 2015

Snail trail has faded.
Where snail had been, concentric
Stains surround the void.

19 October 2015

Two rooks hang out on
Phone wire. Starling too. Look,
Up with the Joneses!

15 October 2015

“Wash me!” on van. Hearse
Passing on other side. Dirt
Has a magic draw.

14 October 2015

Trees stately in their
Crimsons, cloud lining aglow.
Hush. It’s Summer’s wake.

14 October 2015

Day wakes up croaking
With cold, roads hum to life. Sun
Yawns at stray seagull.

14 October 2015

Errant trail has not
Grown last night, snail unmoved. A
Christopher of Snails?

13 October 2015

October sun brings
Downpour of haiku. Will they
Dry up in March rains?

13 October 2015

Standing quite still in
The gentlest breath of air, limes
Mime ‘Goodbye summer’.

12 October 2015

Grass pearls and diamonds,
Shadows smart. Jewel-bright day.
Yet mind cloud persists.

9 October 2015
Family Diptych (with Warts)

She is joy – some nights
This takes her sleeping face in
Lamplight to recall.

Folding husband’s sweats.
He should be here too, bearded,
Fine. My worried rock.

9 October 2015

Late lupin, rose, phlox,
Garden walls. A world, unless
I put on the news.

9 October 2015

Now playing: “Morning
In the ‘Burbs”. Sparrows, starlings,
Rooks, cars. Dove solo.

9 October 2015

Rook squadron guns for
Window, veers off, caws. Saved by

8 October 2015

Fronds of pampas grass,
Like foreign dignitaries,
Wave at queued traffic.

8 October 2015

Sun takes on massed fog,
Loses. Car scraped, nothing much –
But day is dented.

3 October 2015

Green littered with leaves.
How slovenly Nature gets
When she is tired.

3 October 2015

Rook soars over roofs.
Would you were an eagle! You,
Though, don’t bear dreams well.

2 October 2015

Cyclamen lanterns
Gleam amid fading asters.
Samhain is nearing.

1 October 2015

Helicopter’s roar
Shatters milky air; down come
A million skyshards.

1 October 2015

Cup breaks. Pears rotten,
Mould’s back, tears. Pettily dawns
The apocalypse.


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